DMS USA, INC presents

  1. CT Imaging. X-MIND® Prime and X-MIND® Prime with CEPH.

The most compact and sufficient CT X-MIND® Prime is a complete imaging solution
combining panoramic and 3D X-rays, from general examination to specific
treatment planning. X-MIND® Prime 3D offers a multitude of acquisition programs with multiple FOV (12x10cm, 8.5×9.3cm, 8.5x5cm,
and 5x5cm).

Prime with Ceph’s patented collimation system includes multiple image size selections, including new reduced size modes, and ensures a perfect assessment of the region of interest at the lowest dose. The head positioner provides patient comfort and stability while the innovative reference support, placed on the ear rod, makes it easier to center the patient in the Frankfurt plane. Learn more at: www.acteonusa.com

  1.     The PSPIX2

    The new PSPIX2® is our completely redesigned next-generation device for scanning dental x-rays from phosphor plates. It combines an incredibly small footprint with an intuitive touch screen for the easy and efficient taking of dental x-rays. Learn more at: www.acteonusa.com
  2. X-Mind Unity + SOPIX Inside

    SOPIX Inside digital sensors feature the patented ACE Technology™ and with ACE Technology™, overexposed images are eliminated. Regardless of the amount of radiation emitted by the generator, the SOPIX Inside digital sensor only uses the optimal dose required to create an optimal image. Learn more at: www.acteonusa.com
  3. PURE Newtron B.LED

    Central to all PURE Newtron devices is Newtron technology featuring the Cruise Control® System. The CCS automatically drives the tip vibration assuring that the tip is always tuned to the selected ultrasonic frequency. The tip amplitude is continuously monitored and the power delivered to the tip is compensated based on the resistance encountered. This continuous and automatic power adjustment results in fast, smooth and efficient treatments with greater patient comfort and less user fatigue. Learn more at: www.acteonusa.com
  4. Implant Center 2

    All surgical applications (from implantology to periodontic therapy) can be dealt with in one single unit. Implant Center 2 symbolizes the perfect association of safety and speed. Its elegant design, its convex shape and its large touch-sensitive screen make it the ideal combined device dedicated to bone surgery. Learn more at: www.acteonusa.com
  5. Air-n-Go Easy

    The AIR-N-GO Easy® air polisher by ACTEON® is multi-functional, providing supra-gingival prophylaxis and sub-gingival treatments with one single handpiece. This new device extends the scope of air polishing in any practice with its versatility and simplicity of use. Learn more at: www.acteonusa.com
  6. SoproLIFE

    SoproLIFE® (Light Induced Fluorescence Evaluator) can diagnose both occlusal or interproximal caries and can differentiate with outstanding accuracy healthy tissue from infected tissue, guiding you to excavate the decayed areas. SoproLIFE® is an indispensable aid for the practitioner preferring minimally invasive dentistry. Enter a new era of caries detection and treatment and discover the Blue Revolution.
  7. MiniLED Supercharged

    Use of 3 different modes gives you the flexibility to polymerize virtually all types of composites, bonding agents and sealants available on the market. The Mini LED™ SuperCharged has a unique memory function that stores the most recently used configuration of mode and function. Learn more at: www.acteonusa.com